Saturday June 23rd is a festive day in Norway, celebrating midsummer and the joy of the summer light. With this inspiration, participants from conflicts and post-conflict situations will share their reflections of success and failure. Is there an urgency of dialogue to defend democracy? What is the consequence of lack of trust in a democratic society?

Open Day will showcase examples of how to use dialogue to build trust and to prevent disruption and conflicts. You will witness a real dialogue session and learn how dialogue can change urban space. Lillehammer Dialogue Cit culminates with a traditional Norwegian midsummer celebration at Maihaugen Outdoor Museum.

10.00-13.15 | Kulturhuset Banken


This session will shed light on the Olympic Movement as a force for peace, from the ancient Olympic Games until today’s Olympic truce. What is the importance of the peace movement for the creation of modern Olympic Games? Could athletes and sports play a role as ambassadors for peace? Jointly organised, this seminar is in cooperation with the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, and The Norwegian Olympic Museum.

10.00 | Olympic Sport, Friendship, and Peace: Ideals and Reality.
Sigmund Loland, Professor, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

10.30 | The Role of the Olympic Movement and Olympism in Dialogue and Peace Building
Kristin Kloster Aasen, Vice President, Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports and IOC-member

11.00 | Conversation between Gerhard Heiberg, former head of LOOC and honorary IOC-member, and Inge Eidsvåg, Author and former Director of the Nansen Academy.
Madeleine Cederström, Journalist, NRK.

12.15 | Sports Across Borders – The Core of the Barents Cooperation
Lars Georg Fordal, Head of Secretariat, The Norwegian Barents Secretariat

12.45 | Harnessing the Power of Sport for Social Inclusion
Wilson Kipketer, Olympic Silver Medalist, 3x World Champion and Champion for Peace, and Lorena Rodriguez, Sport and Peace organisation

Marit Roland Udnæs is master of ceremonies.

10.00-12.30 | Kulturhuset Banken


How to address revenge in dialogue and reconciliaton? What are the consequences of revenge? These are questons that will be explored in this session composed of two parts:

The Nansen Dialogue on Stage

Witness a live, unique and powerful dialogue process about revenge and its consequences for conflict and reconciliation. You will experience and get insight into a live dialogue process. Dialogue practitioners coming directly from war zones, post-conflict areas and peaceful societies will share their personal experiences and reflections, allowing a deeper understanding of the role of revenge in dialogue and reconciliation.

The Nansen Open Public Dialogue

The Open Public Dialogue is a follow-up session of the Dialogue on Stage about revenge. All partcipants who have atended the previous session are invited to take part in this dialogue about revenge. This is an opportunit to engage in and share from your experience and deepen your personal and professional understanding on how revenge influences reconciliaton and forgiveness.

Facilitated by Christane Seehausen and Norunn Grande, Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue.
Limited seating. First come, first served . No entry after 10.00

14.00-14.30 | Kulturhuset Banken

UNTIL 2020

Closing remarks by Alfredo Zamudio, Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue.
Music by
Martine Kraft, Norwegian artist and composer

20.00 | Maihaugen


We welcome everyone to join the traditional midsummer celebration with music and unforgettable surroundings at Maihaugen Outdoor Museum.

Maihaugen, photo: Jørgen Skau