Lillehammer as a dialogue space

The city of Lillehammer and surrounding areas have played an important role in the dialogue processes of the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue since its formation in 1995. The peaceful atmosphere and beautiful nature offer visitors space for reflection, deep listening and respectful conversations. Lillehammer is well-known for hosting the 1994 Winter Olympics, Youth Olympic Games 2016, the yearly Literature Festival, and other international events within sports and culture. It is a small and friendly Norwegian city with rich cultural and academic life and open to diversity.

Kulturhuset Banken (the cultural house) is the main venue for Lillehammer Dialogue City. It is situated in the town centre in an old bank building dating from 1895. Kulturhuset Banken is a historical gem, which has been carefully and tastefully restored. It is a popular venue for meetings, seminars, and cultural events. On the ground floor, the trendy café and bar Café Stift is located.


Photo: Morten Holm/SCANPIX

Nansen Humanistic Academy was founded in 1938 and is named after Fridtjof Nansen, the polar explorer, scientist, author and humanist, who’s work embodied active love of one’s neighbour and freedom of thought. Nansen won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922 for his humanitarian efforts and work for peace as General Secretary for the League of Nations. The Nansen Academy is the location for Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue.

Photo: Nansenskolen

Maihaugen Outdoor Museum offers more than 200 buildings from different eras, superb cultural experiences, a variety of activities for children and adults, and numerous exhibitions. The picturesque surroundings of Maihaugen, Norway’s largest open-air museum, is the ideal backdrop for the traditional Midsummer Celebration on June 23rd.

Photo: Jørgen Skau


How to get to Lillehammer

Oslo Airport Gardermoen is 2 hours away by train. The train to Lillehammer departs from Platform 1 at the Gardermoen train station every hour. Tickets can be purchased at Gardermoen, on the train, or through

Weather and clothing

June weather in Lillehammer tends to be warm and sunny, but can also become chilly and rainy, especially in the evenings. Bring layers and shoes suitable for varying conditions.

Getting around in Lillehammer

Lillehammer is a small and compact city. It is safe and easy to get around downtown. You can easily walk from one end of the town to the other in less than 20 minutes. If you prefer to use a taxi you can call 06565.


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